Friday, July 2, 2010

Sweet and sour

I started the day with an early doctor appointment , a doctor trained in New York City , I feel like I am in good hands. Nothing to panic about but just taking care of business , then I needed to twist my husbands arm to help me tackle that pathway and by twist his arm I mean create a look of complete disgust on his face, I am under the gun to get things picture perfect. So we did that for a few hours , cleaned up had a little BBQ while I baked a batch of cupcakes for a clients and then we were off to see Eclipse , loved it , but I love the series and the characters, then home to make frosting and pipe the cupcakes , a little laundry , do Sophie's hair , re-do my toe nail polish , and a little more wrapping up , it is official , I can not keep up with me, everyone is in bed and I am still typing away , I am going to be tired in the morning.
I just want to remind you what I am after here , this is a lovely pathway of old stones and gentle moss , well that's what it looks like to me , because right now I have this , very raw disaster.

Because right now I have a sore back and dry skin from laying down 10 more sections of these quickcrete forms.
Ok this is an easy project , tip: rent a cement mixer it's well worth it , tip 2 don't do too much in one day , your body WILL fight back . I don't know where the name quickcrete came from because this cement doesn't dry quickly , it takes 5-7 for full cure , although after a few hours it is set up very well and light people can stand on the stones. Of course when you fill in the form and smooth out the surface you really do then just pop off the form and turn it and get filling again .

It's spreading , the nice thing about this form type of paver is that first of all it is very affordable , this area and the path to the driveway cost $70.00 in cement , nothing else is that affordable , a big bonus is that we can add to it anytime , my plan is to wrap it right around the side of the house and right into the backyard , it also does very well with grading issues it won't be a problem at all to make it down the slope to the sidewalk . One more cool thing is that the stones when cured are completely movable , you can lay a bunch on the ground let them dry and then place there where you need to fill in , brilliant .
I really look forward to getting the sand in and the moss too .
How have you spent your Saturday relaxing or working up a sweat?

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