Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Time for change

A lot of things have changed in this home over the years but nothing has changed more than my children , my how they change in the blink of an eye , all you mothers know , it really seems like one day they are babies and the next day pre-teens , challenging moments all along, many days of breaking points and joy and laughter and tears .
This picture was taken sometime in 2004 I believe, it was their Dad's first trip away from them in this house , they were wearing his t-shirts to feel him close to them , how sweet.

This picture was taken one night when the fireworks were going off , they were being so silly together , making each other laugh , I love those times most of all , these days there is more fighting between them than anything else , but when they get along there is nothing better , I know they will be great friends always , these next few years just might be a bump in the road.

Sophie as she is now
How much they have grown , and they need change in their environment too , it is boring to be living in the same old room , although of course I have made changes over the years with them at the wheel with my guidance , I really feel your room should reflect you , after all I painted my most hated wall colour, orange for this little lady but I convinced her a sherbert shade of orange was best.

Mason as she is now , growing up too fast stuck between girl and teenager
Sometimes it is hard to recognize your own children , how could my daughter be as tall as me at the age of 12 , boggles my mind .
She always wanted bunk beds and two years ago we got the single over double kind , but it turns out no one wanted to sleep in the top sleepovers would end up with multiple kids on the bottom bunk , and she was wanting a change , so today we tackled a little bit of re-arranging, like moving her triple armoire and dresser , removing the top bunk and switching most things around, it is a good thing my girl is the same size because I couldn't have done it without her , she is strong thankfully.
I turned out quite well we just need to work on the decor and organization , she wants new bedding , which she needs , I am trying to convince her PBteen is her best option and not Roxy , I like PB cotton bedding better than synthetics. We are going to Buffalo next week and I am hoping to find something great there at PBteen or Tj maxx or Home goods .

I MADE her take an extra mattress for this bed although she did not want her bed any higher it needed it . Turns out she likes it , and maybe I knew what I was talking about , I totally snuck the second mattress into place hoping she wouldn't notice and revolt. We took the top bunk and are creating a daybed for little sis , so we had an extra double mattress it worked out well.

I think it is just fine for a kids room to look like a kids room and not a show room , she loves her posters and that is just fine with me , she has a little crush on Justin Bieber , she was telling me how she likes to have a room full of stuff ,yikes, it makes her feel warm and cozy , I bet!
If it makes her happy I am fine with that .
Here is where the top bunk ended up , I have been trying to convince Sophie a daybed would be best for room as it is only 9 x 10 approx, this single bed would free up a lot of space compared to the double bed , she worried it wouldn't be enough space to sleep in a single, she went right from a crib to a double bed. but something turned and she began to accept that a daybed may be nice , so we have the twin bunk here sideways and it makes a huge difference in the space and feel of the room , I am going to alter this bed to add a back and sides with bead board to make it look very alike to a PB Teen bed Sophie likes.

Here the girls were trying out the extra space doing cartwheels and stretches , so far so good , both girls are thrilled , but they have longer lists like new bedding , and new paint colours and Mason even wants me to cover her walls with v-groove , which I would love to do when funds permit ...

So me and my aching muscles are taking a break from a whirlwind move and re-arrange day , I'm just glad they like their rooms again , there is nothing like a good old re-arrange once in a while.

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