Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I am on a roll

{AFTER with personality} This is a record for sure , it was 8:22 am and I had already completed a project , and not a penny was spent , I have been wanting to do a scrunchie for this chandelier, I grabbed a piece of leftover fabric that I used on my windows , it was already hemmed so this was a quick job completed .
Two scrunchies are easier to deal with than one giant one , turning it right side out can be a bit fussy .

{BEFORE with out personality}

The tub apron is coming along nicely , primed and filled I just need to find that little bit of stone.
Today's to do's
  1. make scrunchie
  2. frame print for raffle
  3. wax double doors
  4. laundry

That is all I can think of , and boy do I feel like I am forgetting something ....... I hate this feeling.


restyled home said...

Chris, how do you get this on the chain? Do you have to take down the light? Because you know, for me, that would involve Paul...

Love the tub apron!!!

Screaming Meme said...

Great job! I love everything...

Anonymous said...

The tub apron looks great, but I think you should extend the base moulding out along the wall ?