Sunday, September 23, 2007

Its been another busy weekend

6 cans of spray paint, 9 new pulls, 5 new handles, a couple of messy jobs put off for two or more years, finally complete , priceless.

I finally tackled the dining room chairs, after trying black then hand painting one white and not being happy, all it took was 4 cans of spray paint, two different shades of creamy whites and happiness, ok the basement is a disaster, from all the over spray but I will tackle that before the night is gone, well worth the mess, the chairs look near flawless, I love them , what was I waiting for?? Turns out a few simple changes and well a truck load of money and now I love my dining room, lets hope it wins me a place in the Canadian House and Home magazine contest.cross fingers...

This cabinet was handed down by my husbands mom a few years back , I had always thought it would look nice painted,so I did, I think it looks nice but the handles were so yucky, I finally found these cleaner lines bronze pulls and square knobs. I had sanded and distressed one door after it was painted but put off the messy task until yesterday , it was a huge mess but again worth the look. However we will reconfigure it to hold a 37" LCD screen tv when we save up for that of course.

Yesterday was my first class at COLLEGE , the first ever , I went straight to work as a nanny from high school, so I found time to take an auto cad class, it was fun, met some lovely women all with decor in common, the instructor asked us all to tell a bit about ourselves including what we would be doing normally on a Saturday morning. Me of course, I would be getting set for some big messy project and shopping at Home Depot. As you all know.
Hope you have had a wonderful weekend, the weather is beautiful, I am off to run more errands, and spend time with my girls. Ta ta...


Lu said...

Don't you love it when you get a project finished!
I'm curious about the pumpkins you are spray painting. Are those the faux ones? I love the white ones. What kind of spray paint do you use on them?
I really enjoy your blog...your home is delightful.

Katrina said...

All looks so fabulous! You are very clever. I would not be game enough to use spray paint for fear of the out of control mess I would make!!! I also really like that cabinet.
Have a great night! Katrina :)

chriskauf said...

I hate spray paint but there is nothing like it for finish and cost and time saved,I vacuumed the basement space three or four times and use a lint roller and swiffer dusters its a fine dry paint dust not at all toxic????, ok I may have under estimated just how far the over spray would go , but the chairs look great, I couldn't do it outside , too windy,I don't think its fair to spread my messes to my neighbours.
The pumpkins are the faux ones, I used craft spray paint Design Master, dried really quickly,I copied that from Linda, but I think hers was real.I love the white ones too.
Thank you for the nice comments, I'm feeling pretty accomplished right now, and pooped , that seems to be a common weekend feeling for me, next weekend rest, well, travel to antique show and travel too far away dinner, that sounds tiring too.

Stephanie said...

Everything is lovely Chris, you really have the magic touch. Everything you touch turns to gold- or blue and creamy white, in this case! ;)


My! Do you create long lists of things to do because you sure accomplish a ton of things in one week! You're amazing!

restyled home said...

Too funny...I've begun to see a few blue pumpkins popping up in blog land!! I hope I won't be blamed for "de-traditionalizing" the classic pumpkin!! Yours look great in your entry...I think I'm going to do a pink one next. So fun and easy.

I love your dining cabinet makeover. It's amazing what the power of paint can achieve!
I'll take a picture of my curtains soon and send you the results. They make me very cozy.

Liz said...

Yea! Congratulations, the table and chairs look wonderful. Your dining room looks so pulled together and complete, ready for a magazine!


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