Thursday, September 20, 2007

Getting set

I stopped by my local Michael's last night to see what Halloween treats I could find, I found these fun labels, what fun, I will find somewhere for those soon.As well I got my supplies to paint and glitter some phony pumpkins.

I also picked up these wire baskets from the Superstore this morning while on a shopping trip for bread to make into sandwiches since this morning I found myself without a lunch option for my girls. I have put my much loved Canadian House & Home magazines in them to which I always keep handy to refer to for fantastic ideas.

I have been playing today with a touch of free time, see this little table was given to me by my Father , which was given to him by my Mother in the divorce, it was blue and burgundy and it was the first thing I stripped , it was the table my baby Mason coloured at, ate from and talked on the phone to her Daddy so its a touch special to me, so I wanted to find somewhere for it , this is its third place , dining room no good, bedroom too cluttered, now I am trying it here, we'll see ...I think I need a couple of lidded baskets there for storage underneath.

I just wanted to show my dish cupboard ,it shows how I am a blue and green lover through and through, I love all of my dishes and glasses, the amber glasses where my Oma's and are very special to me , even though they might seem out of place they are not.


restyled home said...

Hi Chris!

I have those labels, too! Aren't they great? They're going to be perfect for my mantel display that I'll do closer to Halloween.

The table looks good's nice to have treasured pieces in our home. Somehow, they always just work!

Have fun glittering your pumpkins. I think I'll do a pink one next. So much fun, and so easy!


Heidi said...

i have those wire baskets, lots of them. i don't think i've put them to use here yet.

nice you have oma's glasses. i have her coffee grinder but it's in a cupboard. if you think you'd have a place for it, i'll get it to you next time we see each other. i just have no place for it here.

Stephanie said...

Everything is lovely, as usual. I love the wire baskets.

I also love how the ghosts and white pumpkins blend with your decor!

Liz said...

What a find! I have looked and looked for white pumpkins with writing on them, but with no luck... except for that shop and whoa! Too expensive for me. Anyway, I tried my hand at labeling some little pumpkins I already had.. managed to get BOO on them and then figured I'd quit while I was ahead! Cant wait to see pics of your find... I love the poisin labels, very fun.

chriskauf said...

These were $19.00 for the set.I was pretty happy when I found them, that's it for my Halloween stuff, no more buying.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

I love the photo of your dish cupboard. Our kitchens would go very well together. I too like the green and blues. Although I have a bit of red because of a 50's table with a red surface. But I love the powder blue. I just broke down yesterday and bought the Martha Stewart blue enamel pot at Macy's yesterday. It was half off. It would look gorgeous in your kitchen.

chriskauf said...

I blame Martha for my love of the blues and greens, the green glasses in my cupboard are Martha glasses.