Friday, August 21, 2009


This is twice now that I have been out and alone at a grocery store when a big storm hits , I was out doing errands and picking up today's lunch when the super market went black ....that has never happened , I did see a dark storm approaching but didn't here the severe storm warnings , I heard from another lady checking out her groceries that there was a tornado warning in our city , so I rushed out with my few bags , when I saw the most vicious and brilliant lightening just on the other side of the parking lot , I moved out of there as quickly as I could , of course the light turned red while I watched this storm barrel through , I was a wreck , I got home and ran inside to bolts of lighting just to the north of our street so close , the sky was "green",it turned out there were tornado's, this morning in near by communities many are without power as we were for over 4 hours and many people are just seeing now how their homes have been destroyed or damaged .
This is not an area where tornado's happen , this is quite an unusual occurrence .
I was glad to get in the house with my family last night , also glad to have multitudes of candles to light the house during the massive blackout .
My thoughts are with those who sustained damage .

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