Monday, August 3, 2009

Bathroom character building excersize

These are the legs and this is the condition in which I found them , but I could see through the sad condition to see the potential , look beyond the the colors and beyond the current use , truthfully I didn't have any idea of what I would do with these table legs but I knew they had potential .

Legs meet bland vanity , these floating drawers were crying out for personality , so I paired them and created one of my favorite projects.

New old style glass knobs.

I didn't sand away the character for I think that adds charm , I simply primed and painted the legs. Click on the photos to see greater detail.

I removed the giant mirror that was here when we moved in and replaced that with these two mirrors.

I do not have even one towel bar in the house , I am a bigger fan of hooks , I built this towel rack out of a scrap piece of MDF , painted it with two shade of green and sanded it to reveal the colors and added three old fashioned hooks .

This little ducky/boy was the bath time toy my siblings and I shared as children , it holds a special meaning to me and is very unique , the little milk glass make-up jar was found while at an antique market , I love to mix old and new elements to make my spaces personal.

I found this china container at a flea market when I was 19 yrs old for 25 cents, it is the perfect cotton swab holder.

I added bead board to the apron front of our bathtub to add character as well as I added a marble threshold for edging just to add some more style. click photo to enlarge

There is still much to be done , in fact I started adding bead board last night . I need to address the wall behind the mirror I think it needs some texture , and a new faucet and sink are still on the list , but things are well on their way and I will show you as things move along.

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