Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'll try any DIY project once

This Country Living basement photo is what has inspired me to move forward with my basement , it doesn't have to be finished "properly" to be pretty and functional , painted floors , curtains to hide ugly walls , lots of white paint , the ceiling all sprayed white brightens and cleans everything up , I can achieve this , today is the day it all begins. Join me on my journey .
I had to show you these incredible corbel's that I saw while at my Father's wedding , it was in the city of Brampton Ontario and it has an amazing heritage section of towne , stately old homes , I am not sure what this building was or is now but the architecture was hard to miss, I was so pleased to see it all in tact , so many old buildings are neglected and torn down .

The beadboard is still going up in the principal bathroom {better name for master bathroom don't you think , who's the master anyway?}

This is what I was crazy enough to try today , what was I thinking , framing? how hard can that be ? well it is NOT a one person job I will tell you that much , and boy did I work up a sweat , I was going to give up early on but decided I would at least finish this walk-in closet I have been invisioning . No it is not 16 inch on center but I will be installing full length beadboard to it so I figured I could do it as I saw fit . Please do not point out my flaws I know it is not perfect , I was not going for perfect.
On this side I can invision 6 or maybe 8 wire baskets full of all my decorating magazines on display.

I am feeling good now that it is done , but it was no fun I tell ya, a hammer and big honkin' nails , not my kinda thing .

Oh I am tired now , back to some finish carpentry while I am still a mess , why not the day is young , the alternative is cleaning who wants to do that .
I have been asked many times where I get my energy , I have no idea , I get bored easily , and I like to see things come together , that is my only excuse , I wish it was a pill I would take even more if it were.

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