Friday, August 21, 2009

Bad photos of pretty cakes and blue beauties.

I found some old pictures from before digital camera days , from when I used to sell cakes , this one was Mason and Sophie's 1st and 3rd birthday cake , their birthday's are a day apart , a little wedding cake seemed in order.
The blue cake had hand cut flowers applied that I made out of gum paste, I remember it took me days to make the flowers.

Pretty Martha Stewart colors.

They are white on the inside, aren't they pretty , I think they would be nice over my desk as pendants.

I picked up these two glass shades on clearance at the Canadian Tire store , you think it would be easy to find the fixture for these but no you would be wrong so far, I will search until I find ones.

While at Lowe's last night I picked up some fresh colors to ponder...the chain and knob are for a ceiling fan but I am planning on using it for my laundry room light chain.

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