Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My office

I hung the drapes along the biggest wall to cover and soften it , I think they will move to behind the washer and dryer after we build a "real wall" , what a difference they make though . I used rods that I had lying around .
These are the brackets I will use for the shelving I will be creating soon. They are so crisp and clean.

We went into Toronto to Sick Kids hospital for Sophie's last bit of testing yesterday , things went smoothly , she had a CT scan with an IV , she was so brave , anyway after that we stopped at IKEA to pick up some meatballs , they have a frozen food section , I made the best Ikea meal at home , my husband even asked if I picked it up , no the meatballs were frozen the lingon berry sauce was jarred and the cream sauce was from a dry pack , I rocked it , the potatoes were fresh .
I checked the as-is department first thing and found a chair slipcover , I tried it on a stool just like the one I have at home and I thought I could make it work . $10.00 , this is where I also found three panels of drapes cream and yellow stripe which I knew would be perfect for the walls.

I hemmed the bottom to get rid of the velcro , and I added ties to the back .

I found a "white" tv on kijiji {online classifieds} for $20.00 , I need some background noise when I work , I thought the white tv was perfect.
I can not believe how many things I find on kijiji , I look there first before checking stores , I most often find what I am looking for , like my desk chair , a shelving unit , a hutch for a client , keeping things out of the landfill and re-using , I think it is a great idea.

I now have some where for inspirational images I have been collecting .

I am using this old jug for recycling .
This area is drawing a lot of attention lately , the girls have been using it to draw, I can't wait to have it finished , it is like gaining a new room , yet to get to the laundry room though .
I am going to paint the floors , any suggestions ?? other than grey .

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