Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Roasting Marshmallow's

I thought that the kids would love to roast some marshmallow's , but since we can not have a fire here outside why not inside , we tried it the other night as well, actually I had lit the candle's due to the most impressive storm we were having thinking that the power was going to go out any time , it didn't but we did try roasting marshmallow's.

So of course yesterday they requested to do it again , why not , but it required constant supervision even during mid day.

The kids loved it , many marshmallow's were set a blaze but fun was had.

I found the inspirational photo that lead to my own kitchen home office, post found here.

I have been working tirelessly on my basement , it is clean and functional , I can now see it really improving , this weekend with my husbands help this time , I will frame the walls of this room , I may have a "real" room to show you next week.

A little paint and some decorating for my little basement wall. I hung some fabric for a temporary door to conceal the clutter . I found the perfect vintage door at a local salvage shop , I think it will be a great choice, the center is crying out to be a chalkboard as well it has vintage hardware , it is a perfect choice.
One great perk is laundry is getting done more now .

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