Sunday, August 9, 2009

I was on a roll today , I just wanted to make some progress , with every weekend packed with things to do and my weekdays full of constant cleaning and food preparation it is hard to fit my projects in . I am happy to share with you some more progress . The beadboard is looking lovely in the bathroom , I found some really great profiles that I think work really well .
I have been able to use my nail gun again finally , I think it is the best tool ever , makes the job so easy , no more fumbling holding trim nails and hammer , that is the job for the three armed DIYer , now that would be handy.

I couldn't wait to see how the railroaded v-groove paneling would look so I went out and picked up a couple of packages, such an easy solution much more so than drywall and more charming too. The closet is packed already keeping this area much more tidy, and the laundry / workroom is clean and much better but far from finished.
I am so tempted to get it painted but I must rest for tomorrow will be here soon and I am feeling the pain.
Still need to paint the floors ,get an old door for the closet, hang lots of curtains , paint the ceiling , install cabinets & lighting but now that I can see things beginning I am geared up to get this space in better shape.

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