Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How to create a chalkboard from an OLD SALVAGED door

{ chalboard covered for privacy as my camera was out of juice}
Many of us have embraced chalkboards in our homes ,it's a great spot to keep organized or share a sentiment , mine does that but serves a second purpose as well as camouflage for the side of my fridge .

I can use it for house "rules" or birthday wishes , or the budding artist in my home can have an ever changing canvas.

Now where did I find such a perfectly fit chalboard ? well I made it myself , from a century old door a door salvaged from a crumbling house.

Keeping it real and leaving the layers of paint for a charming look .

A few coats of chalkboard paint.

Here is a progress shot where I added trim to create a panel that was not there .

I am a big fan of this beaded wood trim .

This is what I started with , a left over project from our first home , I used this door turned on its side for a headboard, but when we found our "real" bed this was left collecting dust.

I simply re-thought it and quickly turned it into a chalkboard , do you have an old door collecting dust , if you don't check your junk shops , re-use depots, or flea markets it is a cheap and easy project to tackle .

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