Tuesday, August 18, 2009


" Cobi" has started a new website and blog , where I found this post which I had to share with you , Lobster Trap Towel Rack , how brilliant , read more{ here } Cobi was formerly the editor of the magazine I have followed most since I was in my teens Canadian House and Home and has now branched out on her own to follow her dreams, how inspiring.
Look what she has not only a get away in PEI {I want one of those } but an outdoor shower and they creatively came up with a towel rack made of an old discarded lobster trap , since they are in PEI after all.

You will remember this image inspiring and stunning with equal parts of charming with the beadboard , unfamiliar to some , mostly my American friends , get to know Codi , she is a wealth of information.
Check out Cobi's website too , you can get a sneak peek at the most charming kitchen around .
Maybe she will share with all of you her lovely kitchen in an upcoming post.

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