Monday, August 17, 2009

It has happened

Can you say shopping spree... I wanted to spend some time doing an activity for the girls , to take a break from the basement work and do something just for them . I thought the water park as the weather has turned hot and humid , finally , but no they chose shopping back to school shopping and they wore me out .
My 11 year old has turned a corner for sure , she has her own idea of "cool" {I love it} and there is no influencing that , she doesn't do jeans , well good luck we live in Canada and jeans are a stand by an staple , we need the warmth starting in the fall . I credit the shop girl for finding these the one pair of skinny "pants" that Mason would like , oh relief we could go home , my aching feet , I don't shop for clothes for myself unless I need to, I would much rather buy some building materials or flea market finds than try to find jeans...but I did find the cutest jacket for fall , yeah me!

22 more days to school , its the most wonderful time of the year.....
Gonna join a gym with my neighbour friend, this will be a changing year.

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