Monday, August 17, 2009

Progress report

What a big difference from raw to bright and organized , happy!

Things really did come along this weekend on the basement reno's, it is starting to feel much better , but the more work I see done the more I want to see it finished as well , I am not good at waiting , but there is plenty to do .

Like these stairs they need some more attention ,

~ remove carpet { this was left over from when we installed a runner upstairs}

~ install real sisal runner

~ paint stairs

~ finish trim on stairs to fill gaps

~ paint wall white

~ organize new walk-in closet

This area is coming along well , I made the counter from the old exsisting shelves ,and I stained them dark

~ add edge trim piece to counter

~ make skirt to hide everything under the counter

~ paint rafters white

~ learn how to do electrical work ???? I do not want to do this

This is the area is directly below my front living room and my "office" is the same size as that room roughly.

This is my laundry room area but I also decided to make it my workbench area so that it can be used all year round a garage work shop is out because of the cold winters we have and the size of our garage.

I am so excited to have a spot to store paper towels , I can not tell you how much it joys me that they have a {spot}

I love how the paneling is looking and the corner moulding , it looks so crisp and cottagey.

~ 4 more walls to cover

~ closet door to buy and install
~ laminate floors

I love the idea of this shelf , I drilled holes of different sizes into it to allow me to keep my tools at arms reach and organized , so we all can find them . Found his idea {here}.Get inspired.

Future plans are a finished office for my husband with lots of display , a small space for the kids and another storage room , you can never have enough storage , can you?

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