Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finders Keepers

While searching for the missing plastic food containers to the many lids I have plenty of {why does that happen} and I found all of this , a lovely tin canister , totally forgot it was in the "Tupperware" cupboard holding bowls for no real reason , and two large jars collecting dust , this made me think of a project I saw just yesterday in an old issue of Country Home magazine , Ki Nassauer had taken some old mason jars and attached them to an old piece of trim with clamps , I thought this would be a good idea for my new work room area , then I found these hiding also int he "Tupperware" cupboard , I thought they would be just fine , a little apple green spray paint and a hole will turn one into my twine holder and the other yet to be filled .
Are these sap buckets? well they sure look like it don't they , I had used them last year for flower buckets outside, they were dirty and empty and it occurred to me to use them downstairs for wall storage , they were already this perfect blue ,so much better than the paper towel "holders" out there don't you think.

So cute and functional too , the paneling and shelves need some paint , and the sink needs a skirt but it is so much more functional and a pleasure to spend time down there now , it was one of those places I would never have let anyone see up until now, and then I looked down to see a giant spider and inch away from my foot , I still get the creeps just thinking about it , sure glad I had my shoes on. Splat!
Gosh I really hate spiders.

The stairs are slowly improving , yes that is v-groove, I am using the off cuts , waste not .

My new spot for the bucket , to hide more clutter or bit and pieces.

This vintage camera was hanging around the basement not being displayed until I found it , it is a nice addition here , and it is from my father in law's old camera shop , at least I think so , and it has a K , our last initial.

Didn't the jars turn out nicely , I love the pop of fresh apple green.

I love the look of these willow laundry baskets with liners.

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