Saturday, March 28, 2009

what strikes fear in this handy girl ???

Turns out it is a nail gun , with a compressor that sends shivers down my spine. There is more to me not having a proper brad nailer up until now than just the funds . I fear compressors, I can not pin point why , but when I turned it on , and it is a loud one { and that's ok}, my fear took over . OMG!
I had to wait for the hubby to be home to try the first few shots this morning , my arms are still a quiver ! Who knew? I have never feared a power tool until now.
All that chicken in me needed to step aside as I tried for myself , and it was like" butta" so easy , I am glad to have it , it was $100.00 for the whole thing , it is little and fantastic . It took nothing to add the finishing touched to the door header on the closet . Love it , fearful of it but happy to have it .

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