Sunday, March 15, 2009

Like I told you I have been making some extra money by selling items on Kijiji , it has been great , I was just browsing around and came across this china that I love . I have one piece of this a platter , so when I saw this set of 7 dinner plates and 7 saucers for $10.00 I knew I had to have it. Don't worry I have been bringing in much more money than I have been spending .
I found this lovely old piece , it was described as a hall table , it is large and needs some love , my plans are for it to be my first re-design piece , my plans are to sell transformed items , what fun , stay tuned for the reveal.

It has taken me a mere 6 1/2 years of contemplating to decide on shutters for our master bedroom window , I have never taken so much time to decide on a window treatment . The problem was that the neighbours are all so close and not just at the back but off to the side also, potentially 5 homes could see into our bedroom . Now me not being a person who would ever keep my windows covered up completely , like so many people do , as I love light and even have a nice view of rolling hills in the distance covering up was not an option . So for those many years we lived with that awful sticky film on the lower half of my window layered with bamboo blinds {that was supposed to temporary}, which I love but since I do have privacy issues they did not work in the long run for this room of mine. Shutters at 24 inches high were the perfect solution for us , lets light in , give perfect privacy and I don't lose my view.
Our bedroom is one of the remaining rooms with un-touched trim mouldings , it is still the builder standard awful stuff, so I went ahead and finished just that window , which leaves me with three doors to re-trim and baseboards , as well as a wall treatment , which is still under consideration . I will plug away at this a little at a time .

I was tiring of the blue on my rangehood , I was finding that I really wanted an all white kitchen , like the ones I love most, however I like the island with a little hit of color but the range had to change , turns out it is just what I was looking for.
There can sometimes be too much of a good thing.
I hope you are all having lovely weekend and enjoying some welcome warmer spring weather .

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