Monday, March 23, 2009

Beadboard and board and batten , how does one choose?

Isn't this a perfect example of board and batten ?, I like the tight positioning of the battens .
I snapped this pic above from a magazine , I would love to add simple beams like this to our bedroom ceiling with the ceiling white though.

Look at this trim , the railroaded beadboard , and paneling on the peninsula such attention to detail , all the white with the dark floors , now no one can say this is a boring combo.

I am still pondering what type of wall treatment to do in our master bedroom , I love the board and batten as well as beadboard , but the horizontal boards are beautiful too . This will come down to cost , as I would love most of all beadboard at 5 ft but that would ring in at quite a pretty penny , although I do suppose I could do it a little at a time. Most likely it will be board and batten at about 10 inch spacing.
When it come to trim , for me the more the merrier , and I love when there is a good mix.

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