Sunday, March 29, 2009


We had a pretty uneventful weekend , we went to see Monsters verses Aliens on Friday , it was cute I would give 3 1/2 stars I suppose out of 5, but going to the movies is always fun , popcorn giant drinks super comfy seats with cup holders , love it .
Spent time with the kiddies . While I was in my closet dolling it up they asked me to cut their hair , so after they bathed I obliged them with new spring cuts , did you know I had planned to become a hair dresser until a a hair dresser talked me out of it .
I spend many long hours trying to tidy and re-arrange my closet , I call it that because my husband has moved right out of it and into the basement with his wardrobe { I use the term wardrobe loosely} we need to build him a closet of his own down there , so the one in our bedroom is all mine , but he still has some things in there. So I went to town , hanging a high shelf for my pretty seldom worn shoes and made sure to place hooks for my purses , they look so pretty on display don't you think.
Then I was left with a bare wall , so I decided to display photos and art my children had made along with some pretty plates and a plaque , all the left over bits and pieces I had been storing in that closet, it looks so cute and happy in there , I even found this broken table leg support , so I fixed it and thought it would be great for pillows.

Look at that fresh hair for spring , I almost died cutting about 6 inches off , but who am I to impose my preferences , of course a long sweeping bang and soft layers too. Ahh Sisters!

I have made sure to treat my bed to it's happy spring frocks , see the second dust ruffle it is a double size so that it is well layered and of course my favourite hot pink sheets , now for those walls, Oh I have so many ideas.

I need one more black hook there which I get from the dollar store ,I am so happy with hooks it is great for all my pants they hand by the belt loops so much better than hangers and great for hoodies too. Now I have somewhere to hang those wedding photos the B&W's , the one to the left was actually in an advertisement in a bridal magazine , funny!

Look how long her hair was only moments before we cut it .

I put those Eiffel towers there for visual appeal , they appeal to me , that is closet decorating , there is a first for everything . Isn't it pretty , now what colour shall I paint it ? yeah maybe not.

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