Monday, March 9, 2009


My mind has be wandering back to the great outdoors , as soon spring will be upon us . Things are thawing , then freezing , as we had a fresh blanket of fallen slush this morning to greet up on our extra tired rising .
Above is how I would love our small backyard look , and I will take elements and translate them into my space as best I can. But until that day there is this coming summer and it will bring us one of these.

I will have a house full of children this summer as I always do , as I part-time baby sit , so summers are busy working, the bonus is that the kids always have someone to play with and I earn extra needed income.
Since we gave away our swing set at the end of summer , we now have space , not a great deal of space but enough space for an above ground pool . The kids are crazy about the idea, they would love in ground , but that is not in the budget or even possible with the location of our neighbours yards flanking our on all sides.
So we are going to get an above ground pool , but not the permanent type {too pricey right now }, that is not in the budget at all . But an easy to install above ground. We will get a salt water chlorinate as my oldest daughter's skin is very sensitive to chlorine and chemicals.

We will have a lot of work leveling our yard , but I know it will be worth it , the kids love to swim , and this will be like having a shallow end in our own backyard , yippy , I will sit in the shade on our deck and watch the days go by .

This is my dream pool , but who is kidding who .

I have said good bye to my dreamy cabana , the kids dreams come first , just as it should be.
So if you have any experience with this type of pool , I would love to hear what you have to say .

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