Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring in my step

It thrills me to dig out my saw and use my back deck as my work area , where I can accumulate piles and piles of saw dust , there is no greater feeling to make things new and better around the house. Like the trim around our bedroom doors , what a difference a little trim makes. {still needs painting}
I wanted to point out that the light switch is right in the way of my generous trim , and I have seen people cut out the trim to accommodate the light switch , I recommend the opposite to cut the switch plate , it is better than having a chunk out of your lovely trim . Although best would be to install the right trim when you build a new house.
Look at the difference in scale , the one on the right is not finished as my hands were aching from using old fashioned nails and hammer , yuck! really I have to get a proper nail gun , with all the work I do this is crazy , but it is a great testimony to the difference the right and wrong trim can make.

I also decided it would be nice to add more wainscoting to the upstairs landing , the wall to the left has a low picture ledge so I kept the trim low to match {still more painting , it will be white , and I have centered the pictures too }

We will be saying good bye to this look , the stripes will be going , the bed will be getting cream wide cabana stripes and the bed wall will be a strong pink with a damask pattern stenciled in cream , to mimic a wall paper ,the other walls I will try to convince Sophie should be cream, I am also going to center the canopy and lose the S and re-do the canopy fabric , Sophie is in need of some change , I think it has been this way for about 4 years so it could use a real re-design.
Pink is a must , I am OK with that, she is looking for shabby cottage style , I think I can handle that .

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