Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let's talk tile

This is not the kind of tile talk I want to have , but should we just all agree this is CRAZY!{ I think it is crazy because of the heavy weight in the center , along with those tacky painted tile scenes they do not relate , my opinion} I am guessing there is a man behind this , a man dressed in sloppy jeans and and a dirty baseball cap that has NO business choosing back splash designs. My apologies to the owner of this kitchen but this could be done so much better really.
Moving on.
This is the kind of tile I would like to speak about and embrace , isn't it pretty.

Now this is a pretty kitchen and tile , well done , right? Tile should add to the room , or at least add texture and reflection , that was the biggest surprise I got when I installed my subway tile was the reflection and depth that it added , so pretty.

Tile has come a long long way in the past 8 years or so and the options are endless , so stay away from boring beige. I love penny rounds and subway tiles , glass or marble , hand made ceramic .

I wish I had seen these hex tiles when I was choosing , I can see this over a stove , it is so pretty , oh on a floor , gorgeous , this is my favorite .

Maybe I will do a section of my bath with these penny rounds , right behind the round mirrors , yummy.

This is always beautiful and classic , I love mine , it has a vintage nod , done here with dark grout to tie into the dark counters is a modern take , this is a more graphic look . When using contrasting grout make sure the tile job is perfect , more forgiving is using a matching grout for the diyer.

Very pretty and clean is always the glass .
Typically tile on a back splash is a small investment , so for it , splurge a little , it will pay off in spades.
Note that you can tile right over ugly tile as long as it is sound and relatively flat , you just need to clean it with tsp first .

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