Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is in the air.

Before , looks like there is not casing at all doesn't it ?
I wanted to show you how my bedroom window turned out , after replacing the casings and blinds, I know the machine is ugly but this is the best place for it , function and beauty , sometimes we need to compromise . It is March Break here and we are enjoying the time off , we spent a few days with my husband's family , we endured an indoor water park , which felt like a sauna , especially when you are fully dressed like I was , I don't do bathing suits, but the kids had tonnes of fun.

Mason came home with loads of new clothes , so nice to have a fashionable generous older cousin .

Sophie spent hours like with the cutest Lola , she is the cutest little thing.

This is what my house looked like today , Spring cleaning has begun . Purging cleaning , re-designing .

And the after , a tidy thinned out mess .

This is the after , I wish it was more impressive , but this is a huge improvement .

I used scrap wood and build a deep shelf , so much better , as I did have a stack of those "shoe shelves " those are awful so small shallow and shaky. I even have space to hide away the kids back packs .

This is how I store my scarves for the off season , I believe the count was 15 , wow we have a lot of lovely scarves.

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