Friday, March 27, 2009

Fab Friday Finds

I came across this most wonderful store called Quatrine sadly well out of reach , so I will live with admiring their beautiful furniture, everything is slipcovered , you know how I love a good slipcover , they are a must. All the white trim work and beautiful wood floors , gorgeous, I had to share.

I found this rug on the other day , Elte is in Toronto . Isn't it great , I am sure it would look amazing in a room , I would love to see that room.

These photos are also from , it is all eye candy to me , because it is inaccessible to me where I live, but it is inspiring.

Look at this pretty , this is such a girl chair I love it .

I hope you have a wonderful weekend in store , good weather on the way for us , thankful for that .
I am finally going to go and get a "REAL" nail gun with compressor , it's a real bargain and has top ratings and reviews , it is about time , with all the work I do and the wrist injuries I have been dealing with , it only seems necessary to buy the right tool.
Happy weekend to you !

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