Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kitchen envy , I have it , I love mine but there are so many details I would love to use in my own kitchen .
Like this kitchen I think it is the one I am most strongly drawn to . I has the white cabinets , and white marble , a big island , open shelving done so nicely with the crisp stainless brackets , I love that , the high ceilings and shiny huge pendants, stunning. I have considered tearing out my cabinets to install open shelving , but I think that I would have trouble keeping it looking all pretty , not to mention the dusting, as well as my need to keep my cupboards a full as can be tells me I should hold off and I do . But watch out next house some where down the line you will have open shelving .
I also think this basket has got to work for me somewhere , I can do that here.

I found this yesterday , the tile behind the back splash it is incredible . I do love a good feature , this one is well done.
If you are contemplating painting your kitchen , just imagine someone dropped a truck load of money in your lap , what would you choose , pretend with me , plan it what would it be . You will find your true style or preference . For instance picture this kitchen above in a maple wood , ordinary at best it would be , these cabinets painted look like a designer kitchen to me , obviously it is , but you see what I am getting at . Don't live with what you don't love if it can be easily changed .

I am crazy about this green painted back shelving , not to mention the chalkboard fridge door .
I think I have some painting to do.
Gotta go now , I have cleaned out the basement of all my little cast offs like furniture , collectibles and decor items , I have listed them on Kijiji and have been selling things like wild fire cleaning and making some dough , it feels great . What could you sell ?

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