Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cozy bedrooms

I nearly fell off my chair when I received these photos of the little girls built in beds , I have always wanted a slanted roof to be able to incorporate just these kinds of beds that Sarah's husband has built . Note the trim , the cubbies and the detail in the edging , such attention to detail.
I am particularly a big fan of the fearless way that Sarah mixes patterns . Sarah buys bargain pieces and transforms them with paint .

Look at that daybed , Sarah if you ever want to get rid of it I will be more than happy to make the drive to come get it .

I am in love with this fabric used here .

I am crazy about this "master bedroom" , it is sweet and cozy , this is all newly created space as they tore off the roof of this house and rebuilt the second floor .
Sarah and I share the same philosophy that a home does not have to be palatial to be a wonderful place to live , smaller can be better , you then have the chance to really do it right , Sarah and her husband have created a warm cozy and character filled home , Sarah is obviously very creative and talented and like me is willing to get her hands dirty and paint covered to get the job done , all the while re-purposing furniture , using Kijiji , and frequenting garage sales, look out neighbours garage sale season is soon upon us.

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