Monday, March 30, 2009

Paneling , wainscoting, beadboard ???

I am in the considering stage of what to do with the bedroom walls? of course I could paint stripes in two shades of cream , very inexpensive , but I love moulding , and I have always wanted to install it in there , the bedroom is my spring summer project, my husband also like the moulding idea . But how do we decide ? I do not want the same as anywhere else in the house , there are too many options that I love to repeat over and over. I am strongly considering this just doing the one wall .

Or this?

Isn't this gorgeous but I could not do this ,way too many cuts, but I would love it .

Or this?

Gorgeous room by cottage bethy .

Thrown in just for cuteness!

Maybe this?
How does one decide ?
I do notice they are all on the tall side , so that is clear , I think the fifth one ??

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