Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I had to share with you this information , you know when your paint brush is looking like it is time to toss it , well that was my brush yesterday , I remembered that TSP is great for cleaning and restoring brushes , and it does it really does , it came back as good as new , I soaked it in hot hater with TSP for 30 minutes and the paint liquefied , I then used a wire brush to get out the remainder and it is back to it's old self ,I wrap my brushes in paper towel like this to keep them tight and to squeeze out the excess water .
I changed out the hinges on this cabinet , as the other was very country western to me, and I gave it another episode of distressing .

The wainscoting is coming along , I love the look , this really looks good everywhere .
It was a very productive day , the kids were back in school , I could tackle all kinds of projects , now to get back in shape , that will get better now that the sidewalks are dry , and ready for walking.

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