Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sick in Bed

The dear baby is sick in bed , of course he picked the prettiest and most comfy bed in the house , my bed. But that is fine , I don't mind sharing it with him. You will never believe this but his CLAW FELL OFF , he had hurt it somehow last week and it was black and blue and last night it came straight off , exposing the root , so he is socked to protect it for now , what is next for my poor pup?
Things are moving along in the bathroom , the shellac based primer nearly knocked me out , happy that is done , don't need to worry about an knots finding their way through , so well worth the fumes.
Hope to show you it all complete tomorrow .
Off to the Depot for more supplies.


Laura Trevey said...

That does look like a VERY comfy bed!!

Charlotte said...

poor little pup broke her nail in half one was still attached...i had to take her to the vet. they had to give her anesthesia to remove grew back just fine though...($300 later...) they are worth every bit of trouble though aren't they??

can't wait to see your finished bathroom...looking fab!xo

Jeannine said...

Poor pup!

I think that every dog illness we have had has happened on a Saturday night. I don't know how they know that the vet is closed, but they do. :)

Hope he's okay!

Brenda said...

Sweet Boston baby! I love Bostons. I grew up with them. Have had them as an adult. And my youngest daughter has her beloved Maggie (right now they have dog babies; not real ones!) So I truly enjoy pics of your baby!

Anonymous said...

poor bunny

AnneYarbs79 said...

My son loves "reading" your blog and looking at pics of your "Moe"! It hurts his little brain to think that there is another Moey out there in someone else's house!

Bless your Mo's heart- He looks really pitiful!

Colleen said...

Just one you ever rest? You must have projects just swimming around your head 24/7. Your bathroom is going to be gorgeous just like the rest of your house. Can't wait to see if finished.

Bert | said...

Poor dog but she is still Lucky because of the tender love and care that give of best friend. Hopefully the house should be finish.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

What made you use the pine beadboard instead of the white MDF this time?