Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finders Keepers

While searching for the missing plastic food containers to the many lids I have plenty of {why does that happen} and I found all of this , a lovely tin canister , totally forgot it was in the "Tupperware" cupboard holding bowls for no real reason , and two large jars collecting dust , this made me think of a project I saw just yesterday in an old issue of Country Home magazine , Ki Nassauer had taken some old mason jars and attached them to an old piece of trim with clamps , I thought this would be a good idea for my new work room area , then I found these hiding also int he "Tupperware" cupboard , I thought they would be just fine , a little apple green spray paint and a hole will turn one into my twine holder and the other yet to be filled .
Are these sap buckets? well they sure look like it don't they , I had used them last year for flower buckets outside, they were dirty and empty and it occurred to me to use them downstairs for wall storage , they were already this perfect blue ,so much better than the paper towel "holders" out there don't you think.

So cute and functional too , the paneling and shelves need some paint , and the sink needs a skirt but it is so much more functional and a pleasure to spend time down there now , it was one of those places I would never have let anyone see up until now, and then I looked down to see a giant spider and inch away from my foot , I still get the creeps just thinking about it , sure glad I had my shoes on. Splat!
Gosh I really hate spiders.

The stairs are slowly improving , yes that is v-groove, I am using the off cuts , waste not .

My new spot for the bucket , to hide more clutter or bit and pieces.

This vintage camera was hanging around the basement not being displayed until I found it , it is a nice addition here , and it is from my father in law's old camera shop , at least I think so , and it has a K , our last initial.

Didn't the jars turn out nicely , I love the pop of fresh apple green.

I love the look of these willow laundry baskets with liners.


Pam @ This Humble House said...

That all looks great! It's fun to give old stuff new uses! I found some baskets this weekend when we were cleaning out the garage and I had forgotten about them. I like the green lids!

a little bit vintage said...

Everything looks so great Chris! :) Love the buckets on the wall! The green lids on the jars look great!


Anonymous said...

I think Steven & Chris have been cancelled. I gave up my TV, but used to watch them as long as there wasn't too much of the one with the big head. Is that Chris? The one that needs to be the centre of attention. Well -- I like the other one, the quiet one, so perhaps he will get another gig hosting something in Canada.

The Lynda Reeves poster!

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Your basement is coming together so nicely. Isn't it fun when things become organized? I have a great system for all the inexpensive Gladware-type plastic containers that come in a zillion sizes. I assign a letter to each size as soon as I buy them. For example, the small round 'snack' set with eight bottoms and eight tops each get a letter 'B' on both lid and bottom with a Sharpie marker. The set of four sandwich size, get a 'C' on both tops and bottoms and so on. My extended family thinks it is over the top compulsive, but my hubby and kids never have trouble finding the matching lid. It makes reorganizing time super easy, no matching letter top and bottom, toss it. And if this isn't already way to long and crazy, I don't repeat letters and if I run out of alphabet I double letters, AA, BB etc.

Preppy Mama said...

Love the idea with the mason jars!! They came out great!

Mrs. Limestone said...

How did you hang those long flower buckets to the wall? I want to do something similar in my office to hold wrapping papers and such but I can't figure a way to it without destroying the wall.

Cottage Lifestyle said...

Love it all...

Renee @ Cottage Lifestyle