Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I finally pulled out the Christmas gear , finally because so many people have already done so , which tells you lots of us have fakes out here , I suppose you might think Canada wilderness land , {it is not like that everywhere trust me } we would surely go out to our back woods and chop down a tree no such luck , I think we are a practical bunch and buy our trees to use over and over , I must say this is looking like the "GREEN" approach , leave those trees alone ... I understand the draw to real but there are a whole lot of draw backs , price , mess ,watering , fires not to mention the allergic reactions , like in my house , I will let you guess for yourselves , is mine real ???? I'll never tell.
If you are a purist I respect that , but don't knock my knock off , how else can you have a whimsical white tree that goes up in 5 minutes flat. Oh and it glows at night like no green tree can .
I have dressed the mantel with faux garlands and cotton blue snow ball strings, as well as blue beaded floral picks , I love to buy my Christmas decor at Canadian tire , Zellers , and of course the Superstore , all Canadian shops , sorry.
This year in the family room it is all blue , silver and gold , not too much just the mantel .

In the living room which greats you when you walk in my front door I wet to town as they say .
Lots of whimsial touches , blue ribbon tied around the lamp shades , snowflakes a plenty and my white tree decked out in blues and pinks .

This is a very old vintage glass ornament that was my Oma's they are very special to me and I couldn't have a Christmas tree without them ,

Happy Thanksgiving to all


MaryBeth said...

Where do you get the energy??? You start and complete more projects then I can even imagine up. Love the idea of all the wreaths on the stairs, I am going to use that this year on my balcony which is to short to make garland look good. xo, MB

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. May your day overflow with blessings and laughter. (from your American blogging friend/admirer)

Michelle said...

Your tree is gorgeous! I took the green approach this year as well and bought fake trees. I love the blue in the white! The rest of your decorations are adorable! Now, off to have some good food. Happy Thanksgiving!

hella said...

gorgeous!!! as usual... can't wait to celebrate with you guys!

your mommy!

alice said...

Hi Chris,
I love your white tree... so whimsical! And the garland on your mantel is wonderful, love, love, love the blue cotton snowball string! Your house looks great all decked out for Christmas.

Amanda said...

Looks great:):):) I love that ornament!

Elizabeth (Northern01 on RMS) said...

We also use faux trees. I too hate the thought of the trees ending up as mulch. If only there was a way to keep them inside in a planter for oh, 2 months lol, while we decorate and then plant them outside. Too bad. Your home is beautifully decorated for Christmas (no surprise there lol). The colours you chose coordinate so well with your style. We share the same Canadian shopping haunts. Enjoy your day!

SweDaisy said...

I love the snow flakes on the garland. I am a huge vintage decoration fan. Unfortunately for me my mom got ride of hers a while ago. She donated them to a friends church. I wish I could find more of them for my own tree.

I'm definately going to look at Zellers and Superstore this weekend

take care,

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

Well, I am a purist but I won't knock your knock off!! Especially when it looks so nice!!

My favourite part of your decorating is perhaps the most simplest..your ribbon on your lamps.

By the way, I have those lamps on my Christmas Wish List this year!!

Taco Man said...




traci said...

your decorating is beautiful. so different from mine, but i love it. i have had a fake tree for years.

Natalie said...

I know just what you mean about the glow of a white tree. I'll never forget walking into my sister's house her first christmas in it. She decorated it in a transitional style with a modern slant and went with a white tree decorated with silver and gold.

It was night time when I walked in and it floored me. Absolutely magical.

Your holiday decor looks beautiful!

meg duerksen said...

looks fabulous!
all of our things are out in boxes all over the house. huge mess. i have a big week of work. i want a white tree too.

Chrissy said...

Wow.. you have been a busy girl!! Looks lovely, very festive indeed. I have been trying to talk my gang into a store bought tree for years now, but you know tradition is hard to break, so I let it go. I do enjoy the frag. of our real tree!! We are forcast to get a huge snow storm today, how about you? Enjoy your Sunday!!