Friday, November 14, 2008

What was I so scared about

I will admit it , making slipcovers scares me , my settee has been in need of a new cover for quite some time now , I have searched for a fabric that will work but nothing worked for me so it was left in need .

I decided to dig out a piece of fabric that I love, the black and white ticking . I picked this remnant up for $12.00 when I re-finished my computer chair . I had quite a bit left over but never had a plan for it . I dug it out today and to my happy delight it was the perfect size for me to make a new cover for my big settee cushion , so off I went and made this very casual cover .

I have made three pillows so far today and I will make two more tonight .
My sister in law Marissa's baby shower will be here on Sunday so as usual I am in high gear making sure all and any little fixes are made, I love me some good motivation.
To do list :
  • finish a little bit of trim work
  • wax black doors
  • make cheese cake
  • make cupcakes
  • flowers
  • photo shoot for Mason
  • clean , clean , clean
  • maybe squeeze in a little Christmas shopping.

Glad tomorrow is a rainy day .

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