Thursday, November 6, 2008

Basement clean up

It should be a "clean down" I suppose , I will admit that even though I have transformed my house into the happy stylish home I want to spend time in it is only from the ground up, my basement is the opposite , it is unfinished and cement and dark and dusty and spidery , shall I go on , really I know some don't even have basements and I am happy to have one but it is a hole. It is very expensive to finish the basement and although I am handy at finish work I don't want to construct walls etc.
But I do want my basement to look like this gracious room , ok shrink the island by half .
I spent the day cleaning re-organizing , taking cast offs to the donation center , and checking my inventory of stuff.
I can never figure out why I can not keep this subterranean dungeon clean , I can not even count how many times I have cleaned and organized it . It has occurred to me that I have space but I have no storage , I have can and cans of paint , as you can imagine , lots of tools but no tool storage , and not enough shelving leaving things strewn all over the floor , this doesn't include the laundry area , the piles of dirty clothes my husband is waiting to wash . I have bought baskets , sorters and laundry centers , non of it helped and most of it fell apart . I need to work on it , I need to buy some storage units with doors to hide the stuff , but I need my stuff .
I actually found a bamboo shelving unit with shelves and hanging areas with a canvas cover , love it .

I had to show you this , are you having a baby , or planning on having dozens of babies by chance , well how about a baby bathing sink , this is a sink that you install just like a regular sink , ok that has a high end price I am sure. I have been looking at all the new baby items available now , boy things have come a long way in 7 years. Amazing , by brother and his wife are having a baby so I have been doing a lot of looking , I can not believe what people will pay for a stroller these days , crazy , and car seats have double in 7 or 8 years.

While I was cleaning I found this light , I knew I had one , but it was missing a piece from the last love , but I think I can fix it , it deserves to be up don't you think these are so cute , mine is cream and from Ikea though.

Sorry for my lack of posts I have not been feeling well , and I have had to put all extra spending on hold for a while so I have no fun projects to show you , maybe soon .
On a very sad note , they found Brandon yesterday , I believe he was on his uncle's farm land and he had passed on , I don't know if it was from exposure , they said there was no foul play , that is so tragic , did he die from exposure as the nights are very cold , dehydration , being too angry and stubborn to not go home to his parents that he was mad at and that were mad at him ?, I know if given the chance they would all do that day over in a completely different way , hug your kids and your stubborn teens and remind them never to run away , the unthinkable can happen even to the unstoppable teens.

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