Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dogs dogs dogs


We call this one Chubby Bunny , its a name of affection , we didn't know if he was a keeper there for a while ,as he bit Sophie in the face twice , he was very confused about the pecking order , he did have a very painful jaw condition that resolved before his first birthday so we chalked the first bite up to that , second Sophie was picking a scab off his ear , bad idea! and right on the lip he bit, I was ready to give up , ordered muzzles , oh he hates his muzzle , it is like a straight jacket though . When the dogs get playing too rough and crazy I can put his muzzle on and Moe naps , it is a helpful item at times to save my sanity .
Sophie has since learned that you don't go face to face with this dog or any dog , and she is very dominant over him , she rightfully hated him for quite some time , and now she would kick his
butt if need be now , when she says NO he runs now , it is a nice change not to fear him , he is an odd ball. We did also hire a trainer to whip him into shape , we sucked at the follow through .

Two headed dog??????????? the little one is Dolce 6yrs the big one is Moe 1 yr.

I am glad we stuck it through as Moe has many faults , he is very high energy ,sometimes thinks he is a torpedo,he is always hungry (known to eat a poo pie if no one is watching , we are always watching now) he loves his brother sometimes too much if you get my drift, eggs Dolce on a lot , scratches my floors chasing Dolce , chewed my bed the other day when I had him locked up during the shower , but he is our Chubby Bunny , he loves us and is as goofy as they get , he is just another member of the family.
A mom a dad , two lovely girls an african albino frog and two Boston Terrier crazy dogs and that is IT!

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