Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How to build a work table

How do you decide how to make a work table , thankfully the work surface is already purchased , for $60.00 a large butcher block counter , so that is my starting point and size.
I know I want it higher than a regular dining table, more comfortable to work at . Low cost of course. I was liking the idea of using the base for storage , perhaps a pair of these book cases , I would need to make them higher some how .
I love the look of this island but not enough storage and my work space is twice the size of this one.

This too is charming , but lacks storage.

It would be great to find an old character piece like this .

This is more of the type of storage I am hoping for . I think I will go back to the days I made my huge kitchen island and reinvent it , another Chris Original , very inexpensive and full of storage .
I will go sketch now , the ideas are flowing.

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