Saturday, November 8, 2008

Christmas tree 101

How do you begin , where do you start ?
If you are starting over or even if this is your very first tree of your own you may be wondering where to start ?, should there be a theme? , a colour a style? , well that is all up to you .
I will give some pointers on how to get started and come up with a showpiece of a tree .

I will suggest starting from the bottom up , the tree skirts out these years are stunning , there is a huge variety of colours and styles from country bumpkin to glamorous , you decide . The tree skirt will direct you and show you how to proceed . I think it is a safe and good choice to stick with two colours maybe three , like white, silver and blue , or white, pink and green , what ever suits you fancy or room .
be lit up so get those ornaments deep into the tree it will give it a lush tree , your tree should not look as though More is more when it comes to ornaments , remember that the inside will everything is resting on the outer edges . A good start would be balls lots of balls , plain coloured one , big and small, big at the bottom small at the top , fill in with one of a kind ornaments , each year invest in more wonderful finds a tree is not built truly in one year .

Ribbon and tinsel and garlands seem to be a bit passe right now , ornaments are the real jewelry , lots and lots.
I will say not to repeat too much you don't want twenty of the same item with the exception of balls it is not a chocolate chip cookie after all . It should be a sight to take in , your guest should want to get up close to see your treasures .
I love to add a framed photo of my children each year , it is so sweet to see how they have grown and for them to see themselves as little ones.
I always take the kids to buy an ornament that they can add to the tree , in fact we did that today . A pug for Sophie and a charming dog for Mason.

There is nothing better than a one colour tree , all white , all silver , anything , magical.

Here is my white tree , it is mostly blue and silver , with a dash of pink , I love one of a kind glass ornaments like Santa and I have a thing for candy ornaments , like my lollipops. Many years ago I took some really nice card stock and wrote out in silver pen the names of all my nieces and nephews and framed the edges with silver glitter and hung them by pretty ribbon .
I cherish the handmade white felt ornaments I made years ago and hand beaded , and the vintage glass ornaments of my Oma those are the most special.
I am going to try to put the Christmas tree down stairs this year, I hope I can keep my troubled dog away , that is why we had it in our bedroom last year , Christmas in bed isn't anything to complain about . But it would be nice to see the tree when you walk in the door nothing says Christmas like a beautiful glowing tree .
Wish me luck with that .
Oh and I will show you this years tree but it weeks away from that happening , not until December for me .
So how is your tree planning coming along ?

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