Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I conveniently avoided showing this area of shame , no wonder I hate doing laundry right? bare bulbs completely unfinished space , insert the lower laundry photo here , imagine if you will a closet where all of that mess is , it will only take time and money right !
Ok I showed you mine , please indulge me , show me yours . Send me a link to a photo of your laundry room whether it looks like mine of like my dream space I would love to see it .
This is one of the bookcase I have in mind for my work room , it is from Ikea and the doors slide , perfect for a tight space , and my space will be tight , I was wanting black though , but white is great as well .

This is a vision , I can make my laundry room area look just like this , but I want a counter over the appliances , other than that this is perfect.

I suppose I forgot to mention that my laundry space is adjacent to my work room in the basement , I know less than ideal , I have though of putting it in my garage , but that would be a huge and expensive under taking, I will just make what I have beautiful.

I love the wheels on this cubbie bookcase , so useful , from Maine cottage .

This is more like the bookcase I really want it is just slightly more than the Ikea one and much more sturdy , in a bookcase you want sturdy , also it has sliding doors , a very important feature.

The one I want is froma scratch and dent store and is much wider and a bit more rustic.

I wanted to share with you this house I found , in my city , you would be hard pressed to find another house like this in my city , ok it is 1.1 million and in the country , it is an estate , I am brought so much pleasure to know this house is in my city.

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