Thursday, November 13, 2008

Using my time wisely

All my hard work in the basement is starting to pay off , the sub floor is so close to complete , I found two legs for mt work table , I am actually not minding doing laundry , and look what I dug out of the mess . My mother in law gave us this crock , many years back although my upstairs decor does not warrant such a country piece I am thinking it is wonderful storage for wrapping papers .
Do you have another suggestion ? It has an inner bucket as well and is maintains its handles , I have never seen a crock with its handles , very rare.
This floor has tested my patience , I kinda regret putting it in , I should have used a look a like . After weeks of gluing down tiles only to have them pop back up and waiting for the adhesive to dry and then coming across another I thought I had turned a corner .
Everything was settled , and grouting commenced yesterday and we waited the 16 hours or more to not use the floor, but I can feel ONE tile is moving , GRRRRR why me , I may have to chip it out, but I will let it dry for a while longer . It is much better looking than what was there , but I am not happy with that ONE tile. Overall it is a big improvement .

I finally found a super cheap and good looking towel bar for my tea towels. Love finding cheap good solutions.
I made that dog bowl holder from scrap pieces of MDF and left over table legs many years ago .

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