Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vanity makeover

So from these raggedy old legs came this pretty little feature , I especially love taking what once was an eye sore and for very little money ~$3~ in fact and turning it into a feature. {AFTER}

I am now moving onto the tub skirt , what will it cost ~$20 or $30~ your guess is as good as mine , I will try to do it for as little as possible , I love a good challenge.

I am also thinking of a soft greyish linen shower curtain , wouldn't that be pretty and maybe a band of blue linen on the bottom.

A little at a time.

I should admit , this is not completely finished I still need to fill gaps with caulk and finish paint it .
I will maybe put in a shelf for a couple of baskets or perhaps a nice round basket for laundry ?? we will see.

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