Sunday, November 16, 2008

A baby is coming

I was so excited to have been asked if my sister in law Marissa's baby shower could be here at my house , I love to have people over , I really do , it doesn't happen nearly enough , and I didn't have to make all the food as her sister brought over all the fabulous food and drinks.
I did make a triple sized creamy no bake cherry cheese cake , it is always a hit , and so easy to make. I will admit the cherries could have been better .

Iof course have to make cupcakes , I loved the giant confetti sprinkles I found by Wilton's perfect for a shower.

I even put a little dress on my coffee table , soft and sweet.

Brought out all my blue and green glass wear.

Love the charm of my pastel colored salad plates , some pretty ladies , some birthday some paris inspired all work perfectly together , I mixed them up with plain white one that matched in size perfectly.

White daisy's , funny I asked my girls and husband to pick up white flowers any kind they wanted , and they came back with these , the funny part is that my brother and his wife got married away on holiday and after on a very blizzardy night we had a reception and I made a fitting tiered wedding cake , "white with white daisy's"

I brought out my vintage tin tray with the floral pattern tin , I love this tray I bought it many years ago and use it in my bathroom for my make-up etc.

Apparently the less than perfect cherries didn't stop the devouring of this cheesecake.
If you are curious the recipe is from the Eagle brand Sweetened condensed milk .

Happy Baby Shower Marissa.
* I did take a couple of photos of Marissa and wanted to include them , but funny somehow they were terribly blurry , you got lucky this time Marissa.

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