Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh a little help from the choir please !!!!!

A wonderful commenter gave me the link to this brown kitchen , wow this is pretty special wouldn't you agree , thanks Sharon.
I need you all to come out of hiding ,stop your lurking and show me your comments people.
I have a neighbour that I am helping with her kitchen let's call her Lisa , she made the mistake of complaining about her kitchen cabinets {not her choice} she knew I had painted mine and had wondered if she should paint her's ? Of course and she should these are dare I say UGLY , pickled arched top oak , its gotta go , but a reno is not in the cards and the cupboards are in good shape .
Dark is the look Lisa loves , her dream kitchen would be dark stained wood, so I said black as the trend is going and is stunning , but she is leaning more deep brown , great that will do fine too , the fireplace is the dark brown and it looks amazing . So we are good to go , I am talking her through it and going to tackle this job with her , I know it is a lot of work.
Problem is people {mother , paint people etc} keep trying to convince her otherwise , "paint it white" safe and nice but not the look she loves,"paint with melamine/oil" no no no she needs your votes of confidence , ok let me hear it , should Lisa and I paint these yucky cabinets , I mean they are pickled . A dark brown and paint out the bulkhead to match and add crown moulding like the second photo below. You can see it , she just is a little afraid. So I would appreciate it if you would leave your positive comments and I can tell her in the morning 100 people from across the globe agree paint it paint it now !

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