Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I can not contain my stripes

Here you have a sample of the process , the second guessing stage , the its only paint stage . It does always pay to test your paints , really , I was toying with the blue and the tanish colour. I think the blue on blue would have been pretty but seeing as how subtle the greige is the blue wouldn't be noticed at all!
Another project brought to you , the total cost was $1.50 for half a roll of tape , the paint was part of my stash .

I love the stripes , I really do , I miss the stripes in my bedroom , they were just so nice , I thought this space could be further enhanced by my favorite treatment , bold horizontal stripes.

I have been considering adding stripes to my dining room nook area , just to add some fun , personality and texture.

Yesterday I did all the prep work measuring out the stripes and using a level to get it all just right , brought up some pots of paint from the collection in my basement . I tried a paler shade of blue and carbonite which was the cast off paint from the family room makeover , when I put it up at first I though all wrong , nope going with the blue , so I let the samples dry ,and started to appreciate the greige colour more , and went ahead with it and there you have it , a subtle added effect of stripes. happy me!

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