Saturday, March 22, 2008

Growing so much.

Today .

I can't believe how grown she looks with her new do , I could tell she wasn't sure during the cutting , and not until the styling was finished and she put her glasses on , she just smiled so big, she is loving her hair, flipping it around, wow, she will we 10 very soon , she has grown into a young lady , well at times anyway other times total tomboy. That is a little chick painting on her face from a farm trip we took today .

Easter egg hunt after a hay ride into the feild, a chilly hay ride.

We had fun . The treats were peanut free too. Bonus!


Mrs. Limestone said...

The matching glasses is so sweet. Where is the side by side portrait?

restyled home said...

You're such a good mum!! It really is so easy to make memories with our children. Just a little bit of effort and so worth it!!


kay* said...

congrats on the looks lovely.
(see comment below on craigslist close call)