Saturday, March 15, 2008

Some Quiet Time

It is a rare occurrence for this house to be quiet , and by quiet I mean me be alone, I am almost never alone. So I am enjoying the peace , no one has once asked me for a snack. Todd has taken the girls to see High School Musical on ice , the Christmas gift they received from one of my sister in laws.
I took the day to spend with my Mom to help her find a dress for her wedding, now that could have taken all day right , many days perhaps but it was so fast when its right its right it took a very short time. It was probably the nicest thing we have done , we found THE dress and she is beautiful I am so happy for her , she will finally be the BRIDE that everyone should be , gorgeous , I am very excited for her , I am so glad that we were able to do that together .

This allowed me a day to myself, to finish the beam , that is all I have in me today as far as messy projects go . I should go off and do a good workout , got to get ready for the wedding, after all I will also need a dress.
I added the final piece of the puzzle and as well this little bit extra to finish it off, I have now caulked all the cracks filled all the holes, now that waiting game and I will paint.

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