Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why would I need to replace my fridge , after all it is 9 mere years old, that's not old , we have all been to homes where the beige fridge or green fridge has been for decades , yes, but it seems things just aren't what they used to be.
This is an example of one of the issues we have been dealing with , freezing in the fridge part , annoying and damaging to food, we have already replaced the thermostat , the seals are very pathetic and the hinges are breaking , it is not only faulty but it is an eye sore, it has a texture of I suppose leather , yuck , oh my.
But I am happy to say that a new fridge is in my future , its not like a fridge is a fluffy piece of decor it is the one appliance that runs day and night , I want an efficient one a big one and a bottom freezer model, and because of our tight space maybe a french door model, I don't want the door to hit the island, oh I can't wait to not have to bend down to reach the food.
So is you have a fridge that you would recommend as far a brand , as I have a Kenmore and I would not buy a fridge from them or a vacuum for that matter , I have narrowed it down to Jenn Air and GE , I have heard bad things about LG , if you have any bad experience or good experience with a brand of fridge please share it with me . I am not looking high end , so those brands are out.
Thank you in advance.

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