Thursday, March 13, 2008

The theme these days is white.

This is what I have been looking at for far too long , piles of snow , the snow banks are so high , we are at capacity here , I mean come on . But it does fit with the theme. White. This is very unusual for these parts to see this much snow, usually it comes and goes , this year it has stayed and piled. Hawaii here I come, I wish. I have finally completed the stool makeovers ,all are white as they should have been . This makes me much happy .
A fresh coat of paint on the computer desk and a few coats of varathane, this desk my husband built us is a well use space , the legs came from a 90 year old table that was half rotted away the top was not saved , I still have two legs left , I just haven't found a spot for them , but I will.

New glasses for my little girl , I am so pleased with her selection, I can see her maturing in front of my eyes, we now have matching glasses , how cute, and she can see , thrilled with clear vision.

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