Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lilibeth's Garden

I know this is not a fashion blog and my focus and love is home design , but I wanted to do a focus on my big sis , she is a wonderfully talented knitter/felter, and stitchery queen. She not long ago opened up her Etsy shop , what was Etsy I wondered , well many hours later I found out , a wonderful place to find just about anything, art , fashion , home items, you can't imagine. Many fellow bloggers have Etsy shops , it is quite phenomenon.I have two pieces myself , there is such attention to detail and the quality is not to be matched by any off the shelf mass produced item. This is the perfect shade of blue and that button oh my. I missed this one.
Look at those flowers , they are so beautiful.
This is one of my actual pieces this sweet little wallet , I love it , it is the prettiest thing in my bag.

Isn't this one so adorable.

I could use a couple of those.

Also may I mention I love that chair. How does she do it , I feel shame she got me a book to teach myself, I don't think I can do it , I have my talents , give me my hammer and caulking , paint and power saw , I will leave the fashion to my sister.

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