Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring is here in spirit, only.

I have been bitten by the spring cleaning bug, I have cleaned closets , re-caulked the tub which failed and I don't know why as I followed all the directions, bummer, moved around lots of things for instance my bedroom, it is still in flux, and organized my magazines, cleaned windows , even listed things on Craig's list and sold one item immediately last night what fun. This is a family piece from my father's side I believe, I have always loved it and my mother was kind enough to give it too me a few years back, and I brought it out into the room after it was in my closet , it looks so lovely here with my accessories I think , this is right across from my elliptical machine where I have been sweating up a storm lately , to no result, of course, my husband changed his diet a tad and looses 5 pounds, I work out for 3 weeks and eat much more healthy options and I gain weight , what !
I also brought up this table that I refinished 8 years ago to use for my side table, I like it , and it is the perfect spot to put the dogs cage. I want to paint it because I don't like the color, or maybe I will stain it darker , or paint it , any suggestions will be accepted and appreciated. The walls will be changing soon either all to the brown or all deep grey still undecided. As well the chair will be sprayed black .

Look at my little girl , she wanted to have the same cut as her big sis, this was her first visit to the hair dresser , its not exactly hard to cut hair straight after all, so I have always done it , but not the layering I will leave that to the professionals. She loves it , she looks so big , what a deal $9.00.

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